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Dungeons 2, the real time strategy game from Kalypso Media, will not be released for another month, but I have been playing it in beta.  With no previous knowledge of Dungeons, I had no idea what to expect- besides dungeon crawling. So what I did come to find is a game that’s as interested in humor as it is pitting fantasy creatures against humans.

Like I’ve said, this is a beta, an unpolished version. This did not make for a smooth ride through each level. I didn’t get stuck at any point, but there were just odd little errors that happened from time to time. The language, for example, isn’t stable, so there are times where it will go from English to Dutch. Never mind that. Let’s talk about what is working in Dungeons 2. For the single player game, there are two options: campaign and skirmish.

Dungeons 2 (2) Dungeons 2 (1) Dungeons 2 (8) Dungeons 2 (7)

At the start of a campaign, you are in control of The Prime Evil Terror of the Underworld. So you get it: not a very nice guy. The story, told through a comedic narrator, is from the villains’ perspective, so Absolute Evil and his minions’ tales are told in a way that makes the humans seem like they’re in the wrong. The narrator is almost always going for jokes, and he totally obliterates the fourth wall at any given moment. If that sort of humor doesn’t please you, you would might have to slide down the voice audio.

What’s different about the Dungeons experience is that you can watch over many scenes at once. On one map is the surface world, which you wish to conquer. Then you can click on the underground map, where you are building rooms to amass your gold, improve your forces, and hire troops to go fight. So far, I’ve had up to 3 maps that I could jump between, which is the most interesting feature of Dungeons 2 so far.

Dungeons 2 (4) Dungeons 2 (3) Dungeons 2 (6) Dungeons 2 (5)

In skirmish, you can just play freely, choosing what maps you want to fight in, and what faction you prefer. In this mode, I got to learn about the Demon faction, an even more evil faction than the Prime Evil’s Horde, if that’s even possible. Multiplayer is not available right now. It would be great to test my skills against someone who would probably hand me my butt, but that will have to wait for some other date. Dungeons 2 debuts on the 28th of April, and can be found at the regular spots like Amazon,Steam, GAME (or Gamestop), and the Kalypso website.


GS Blogger: Vichus Smith

Source: Dungeons Official

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