PREVIEW: Nekro Early Access

I had a bit of a hiccup while playing darkForge Games’ latest title, Nekro: I don’t have a video card, currently. So I was in a dilemma of whether to wait for the card to come, or to play the game. So, I took a shot on the lowest settings to play Nekro, and, luckily, most of the feel of the game is retained without having HD horsepower to push the graphics.

Oh, so what is Nekro? Nekro is a cute-yet-creepy action-RPG where you are in charge of demons seeking to take over the human world. At first, I thought the narrative would be straightforward, despite the character art, which is rendered in a cartoonish style. What also had me thinking that the tone of the game’s campaign would be serious is the great voice over by an excellent actor. With each level, you hear the voice of a man who has betrayed humans and has gotten his hands on dark magic. For the first level, what he was saying didn’t raise any flags. After that chapter, he would always say at least one thing that felt silly.

Nekro_2015 (2) Nekro Nekro

There is another voice, and that is the voice during the tutorial portions of Nekro. Now this “character,” also excellently cast, doesn’t say anything silly; he’s just there to help. Of the two voices, the first voice matches Nekro most. Nekro looks like something out of a Dreamworks cartoon. It is bloody, and there are many corpses, but even its most ghoulish trappings are colorful, and somewhat adorable.

Nekro Nekro Nekro

In Nekro, you take the form of one of three minions of Kleer, the lord of chaos. You have the Alchemist, the Grim Keeper, and the Outcast. The Grim Keeper is a short to mid range fighter, the Alchemist has the longest range, and the Outcast fights up close. I have tried all three classes, but stuck with the Grim Keeper. The Outcast seems to be a class for brave players, and the Alchemist is good, but he starts with low HP. You start out on your own, attacking villages and killing farm animals. As you advance, the farm folk get bigger and meaner, but you also get to command demonic beings, using corpses and inanimate objects as catalyst.

I’ve had a tremendous amount of fun with Nekro, even without the benefit of an HD video card. Still, I had an issue with it. I don’t have much faith that they will be changed, but I felt that some sounds in Nekro don’t sound right for the actions they represent. The Grim Keeper’s bombs, for instance, sound like a heavy piece of metal being hit. So I’m sorry that I have so little to criticize about the game, but Nekro is a great example of what an Early Access title should be. Early Access games don’t have to be nearly completed. They don’t have to be virtually bug-free. They, do, however, have to have enough polish to be worth whatever price the game is being offered for. Nekro is being sold in Early Access for about £13.21 ($19.99), and I would recommend it, especially to people who love dungeon crawlers. If you want to wait for a full release or play it now, I don’t really see much difference. Nekro is currently on version 0.8, so while there is much cleaning up and kicking of tires to do, you are basically experiencing a full game.

Before you’re off, check out this trailer to experience Nekro‘s gameplay.



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