PREVIEW: Shallow Space: Insurgency

I was a fool. I was a fool because I saw the demo for Shallow Space: Insurgency, and didn’t think I needed to know anything prior to playing the demo. When I got into the space real time strategy game, I barely knew what I was doing. The most I knew was how to move the camera around. To feel as confused as I did when I first played Shallow Space, check out this tutorial. It starts out simple enough, then the key commands get a bit more complicated:

Not to say that this is some kind of niche game or anything, but when I last put effort into a space RTS, it was not as involved as these game are now. You couldn’t move around in 3D space like you can in a game such as Shallow Space. Since this is an alpha demo, there are no tooltips, those helpful bits of text that pop up when you put your mouse over an icon. I never want to go back to a time before tooltips existed.

ShallowSpaceDemo ShallowSpaceDemo2

So after seeing my folly in my first try at the demo, I restarted the game, taking the tutorial in mind, and managed to make it to the third wave of enemies. In this version of the game, they took out your ability to create more star craft, so it’s a fight for survival until your main ship is destroyed, and it is destroyed in spectacular fashion.

Shallow Space: Insurgency is currently raising funds on Indiegogo, with a month to go before it’s done. You can play the demo before you decide to support. Shallow Space: Insurgency is promised to come to Linux, PC and Mac.


GS Blogger: Vichus Smith

Source: Indie DB

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