PREVIEW: Trapped Dead: Lockdown

Do you like hacking? What about slashing? A fan of shooting? Trapped Dead: Lockdown is a isometric action RPG set in a zombie apocalypse that might be up your street. Your chosen warrior is on a personal mission, cutting through the undead masses to reach your objective.



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The blood, the guts, the peril- it’s all found in Trapped Dead. If you land a particularly good hit, body parts even fly off. If you duck and close your eyes during horror flicks, I think it might be hard for you to make it through Trapped Dead. As you kill, you can outfit yourself with the items you find along the way, gain better weapons, and use your experience to become a better zombie killer. I choose the exorcist character because of his magic usage. The character is good for long range, but also uses melee weapons for close range. I might try other classes to see how well guns work in the game, but I feel that magic projectiles represent long range attacks. I haven’t been through a lot of the game, but from preview images, I see that there might be a driving sequence. That’s something I have not seen in an isometric action title, and I’d like to see how it works; a car is a great zombie-killing weapon, after all. Trapped Dead: Lockdown is currently available on Steam.

GS Blogger: Vichus Smith

Source: Headup

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