Prince Charles Cinema to Host Comic Book All Nighter

 Comic book films all through the night…do you have the staying power?

If you’re in London this Friday evening with some cash in your pocket and you fancy some old school superhero action then the Prince Charles Cinema is the place to be. This Friday (27th July) they will be hosting a Comic Book All Nighter event. The list of films they’re showing are a cracking bunch (yes even 60’s Batman..hello bat Shark repellent!!).

Screening List:

Superman – 1978
Batman – 1966
Scott Pilgrim Vs The World – 2010
Sin City – 2005
X-Men – 2000
Spiderman – 2002
The Rocketeer – 1991

The event kicks off at 19:00 and finishes at 09:45 on the Saturday morning so bring plenty of  fave supply of energy drinks.

I don’t know how many tickets have been already sold but it sounds like a fantastic idea and I reckon if they can get a full house it would be one hell of a vibe. Also for those you cosplay fans who turn up in costume there some prizes up for grabs, so dust off that mask and cape.

Tickets are £25 for non members and £20 for members find out more at the website

Source:Prince Charles Cinema
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