Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Movie Trailer

From the team that brought the “Pirates of the Caribbean” trilogy to the big screen, Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films present PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME, an epic action-adventure set in the mystical lands of Persia. A rogue prince (JAKE GYLLENHAAL) reluctantly joins forces with a mysterious princess (GEMMA ARTERTON) and together, they race against dark forces to safeguard an ancient dagger capable of releasing the Sands of Time—a gift from the gods that can reverse time and allow its possessor to rule the world.

Directed by Mike Newell (“Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”) with a cast that includes SIR BEN KINGSLEY and ALFRED MOLINA, and a screenplay by Doug Miro & Carlo Bernard from a screen story by Jordan Mechner and Boaz Yakin, PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME hits theaters 2010.

Hmmm not sure what to make of this trailer. There were a lot of wow moments to be sure and they were delivered by the special effects which were top notch. The problem is that these days the standard os special effects is so high that filmakers need to give the audience a little more than just flashy effects.

I didn’t really see Jake Gyllenhaal  as some rouge prince and I definitely didn’t buy Gemma Arterton as a mysterious, dusky princess. I didn’t particularly rate her performance in Quantum of Solace and haven’t seen much here to change my mind (I’m assuming it was her doing the narration).  Of course this was only a teaser trailer and I’m hoping when I see more of the film my doubts will be swept away by…ok I was going to say the sands of time but now that I’ve said it I realise how cheesy that sounds so I’ll just say I hope I’m proven wrong.

Yep that worked.

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