PRODUCT REVIEW: Tardis Sewing Kit

GS Sewing Tardis

Check out this mini Tardis made by Joe Suplicki. It folds out to reveal a sewing kit!

Brilliant if you’re a keen sewer or could be used for emergency costume repairs at conventions. From what I can see from the pictures, it’s pretty roomy, so you can fit most sewing essentials in there.

GS Sewing Tardis

It’s a nifty little creation that can tidy everything neatly away without anything falling out and getting lost and never to be seen again. (Has happened to virtually all of my sewing possessions I’ve owned. Ever.)

If the whole thing wasn’t cute enough, Suplicki has made tiny little figures to stick on top of pins, including Rose and Number 10.

GS Sewing Tardis 2

My only problem? As someone who carries sewing stuff with them all the time, I can see this as being quite bulky to have with me all day. But that wouldn’t stop me from making one to sit on my desk or sewing machine to tidy everything away in. I have at least 10 boxes and tins of different sizes for all my sewing things, so having one novelty box for all the basics would be quite fun!

Might have to go make myself one now…

Source: Craftster
Reporter: Jess Hawke

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  1. This is awesome! Especially since my little family is kind of obsessed with Dr Who at the moment!!

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