Proof that time travel is possible?

Have you ever watched Back to the Future and thought “hmmmm going back in time and making out with my Mam sounds cool” or have you watched HG Well’s Time Machine and thought “Geee I bet battling wired creatures in the far flung future looks sweet” the you are in luck!

A man has discovered what he believes could be proof that some time in the near future the human race will be able to travel through time! in some behind the scenes footage of Charlie Chaplins 1928 movie “The Circus” there appears to be a women talking on a Mobile device of some kind! possible a iPhone (or maybe Apples new future product the iTime manipulation device!)

Have a look and see for your self, personally i can’t tell what she is doing but it certainly looks like she’s talking on a phone. Just before the image changes i’m sure she’s saying “My God…. it’s the Doc!! he’s alive…. He’s in the old west but he’s alive”

Real or fake? You decide….

Source: Youtube user yellowfeverbelfast

GS Reporter: Matt

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  1. josh /

    well she couldnt be talking on a cell phone because there are no cell towers back then, interesting though.

    • yeah ok but maybe it’s a inter-time communication device.

      • taylor /

        if they have the ability to create time travel devices why not portable cell phone towers so you always have signal. and if one time traveler is there why not two? is very interesting and i cant wait to see the mythbusters on this haha 🙂

  2. Cindy Townsend /

    Looks like aTime traveler to me too!

  3. Randy Karnes /

    Can you say “Photoshopped?”

  4. Hilary /

    As large as she is, she should have bigger ankles. You wouldn’t need a cell tower if you could travel through time. I think it is a time traveler. Is there more footage of the same area at different times.

  5. Teddy Roosevelt /

    not a time traveller. just someone who cant hear too well, as that is probably a one piece hearing aid from that era…

    Link here

  6. limey /

    As Teddy said, its a hand held hearing aid. Sheesh, some people.

  7. Simon /

    If it’s an hearing aid who the hell is she talking too then??

    I’m not saying it’s a time traveller either, but who is she supposed to be having a conversation with if it’s a hearing aid device? there is no one talking to her, she is talking as she walks and talks and smiles as she stops walking!

    • limey /

      You’ll have to ask the director that question. Remember, this is a sequence from a film, not a typical street scene.

      • from the information i’ve seen this is actually backstage footage so she isn’t acting on direction from the director. she’s just walking around seemingly talking to her self

  8. Don N /

    well……..short range radio is posible, or phone to phone com as well. If they can time shift why not. Molder said it best ( i wont to beleave)
    So for the time beaing ya, why not. Open your mind, dont close it. Thank you for your time.

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