PS3 Now Banned in Europe

Sony have suffered a major setback this week aftoer LG won a injunction that bans the sale of PS3’s in Europe. At civil court in The Hague a judge has ruled that all PS3’s imported into Europe must be confiscated by custom officials for the next 2 weeks. Reports have already come from the Netherlands claiming that customs have already seized “Tens of Thousands” of the consoles.

The Injunction has come about as part of a lawsuit LG has filed against Sony over the patents on the Blu-Ray technology that is at the heart of the Playstation 3. LG is hoping to use this injunction as a way of forcing Sony to settle the case quickly. The complaint itself was a response to Sony suing LG over phone patents.

If Sony don’t want to lose to much money they better settle quick! it is claimed that Sony only has 2 weeks worth of consoles on the shelves so once they are gone they could be in serious trouble of losing market share to Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

Sony wouldn’t officially comment beyond saying it was investigating the causes beyond the ban.

Source: Electronista

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  1. Red Five /

    You’re right, they better settle that quick. Can’t have Xbox 360s beating my beloved PS3! Just another case of multi-billion companies winging at each other!

    • 10 days is a long time in the sales world! my money would be on Sony settling out of court within a day or two! they can’t afford to not have PS3’s on the shelves


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