Puzzle Platformer PONCHO – Coming Soon to PC & Consoles

In a post-apocalyptic world overrun by nature, a robot sets out to find his maker and find the truth behind the destruction. Help this poncho-wearing mechanical hero overcome impossible odds and discover the secret inside him that could help save humanity!

A mind-bending platformer filled with lush environments, PONCHO’s open world 2D adventuring offers a unique twist: players can shift at will between three layers of depth, an essential tool for overcoming the puzzles and challenges ahead. Packed with charming personality and interesting characters, players will want to lead Poncho through an enchanting tale of hope, determination and the search for who you really are…

Game features

  • A gorgeously rich pixel world to discover.
  • Explore the 2D environment with 3D depth.
  • Open-world layout – choose your own path.
  • Randomly-generated ecosystems of creatures.
  • Charming chiptune soundtrack.



PONCHO will be released by Rising Star Games in early Summer 2015 on Steam (PC/Mac/Linux), PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Wii U.


Source: Rising Star Games

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