Q-Pop Star Trek Figures Beaming Down

TrekQPops-021213Q-Pop are now bringing us Star Trek figures to add to our already sagging shelves. With their cartoon look and speech bubbles that you can put your own quotes in, it almost feels like Christmas all over again!


QMx Trekkies™ Q-Pop™ Collectible Figures Captain Kirk, First Officer Spock and Communications Officer Uhura reporting for duty! Quantum Mechanix (QMx) is proud to unveil the first three characters in our line of Trekkies™ Q-Pop™ Figures.

Representing Starfleet’s best and brightest from Star Trek: The Original Series, these figures stand 4.5 inches tall and are made of high-quality PVC.

  • Kirk — Captain James T. Kirk is at his feisty best, taking aim with his phaser and leaving no doubt his shot will be dead-on.
  • Spock — First Officer Spock is contemplative with a quizzical expression and his trusty tricorder slung cross-body. Fascinating!
  • Uhura — Communications Officer Nyota Uhura stands ready to take on the toughest challenge, be it subspace interference or tracking lost humpback whales.

What are Q-Pops? Q is for “quote” — because just about everyone has a favorite saying for each character. Pop refers to the word bubble that “pops up” over each figure, where you can write witticisms using the matching Trekkies marker that comes with each figure. Fun!

Trekkies Q-Pop Figures will be available in late Q2 2013 from QMx and QMx-authorized comic, collectibles and specialty stores. They will also be available direct at

www.qmxonline.com. They will retail for the unheard-of low price of just $19.95 each.

And there’s more to come! Keep an eye out for Trekkies Q-Pops of Dr. Leonard McCoy (Bones), Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott (Scotty) and other Star Trek fan favorites!

Source: QMx Online
Reporter: darkphoenix1701

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