Quantum of Solace theme song review

Now I love my movie soundtracks and I especially love a good James Bond theme song. In the past we’ve had such classics as Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, Live and Let die, OHMSS, License to Kill. The new theme song Another Way to Die by Alicia Keys and Jack White isn’t one these classics. To me it seemed a bit jumbled and it just didn’t have that James Bond feel for me. Some of the lyrics are cool but overall it definitely left me feeling less than shaken and stirred (come on I had to get in at least one cheesy Bond joke).

This felt more like Madonna’s attempt where you get a big name in who doesn’t really get that the Bond theme song is almost as big as the movie.

I’m sure loads of people will love it as a song in it’s own right but for me that was the problem; it was too much of a song in it’s own right when I wanted a James Bond Theme song. I’m interested to see how well this goes with the opening credit. I started out hating Chris Cornell’s “You know my name” and then finding it worked really well with the opening credits.

You can have a listen for yourself here.

Obviously this all could just be sour grapes on my part because I want to see the queen of Bond themes Shirley Bassey do another Bond tune.


Rate it: 2.5 out of 5 (average tune..hope the movie isn’t)

Dry Slaps: 3 out of 5

GS Reporter: The Nuge
Source: The Boom Box

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  1. Robert Nicholson /

    I with u. I hate this song. It’s going to ruin the opening sequence of the movie for me. They will probably have a terrific opening scene and then we’re going to have to listen to this garbage and still be fired up with the movie starts again.

    When they sing the chorus together I just cringe and I agree it’s very reminiscent of Madonna’s Die (another Day, another Day anoooother Day) garbage.

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