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One of my favourite comic authuors and indeed a man whose prose work I really enjoy is the creator of the series Queen & Country.  That man is Greg Rucka.  I’m currently loving his work on Detective comics.  I’ve loved Whiteout and am really looking forward to the upcoming movie.  I loved his Atticus Kodiack novels …well I could go on for a while, suffice it to say I’m a fan.

However probably his only work that I found it hard to get into is his Queen & Country. The series is centered on Tara Chace, an operative of the Special Operations Section of SIS (Secret Intelligence Service), colloquially known as the Minders. It attempts to portray the beuracracy and politics which the agents deal with realistically, as well as including the dangerous missions typical of the spy genre, and it’s worth mentioning that it has a British setting.  It’s published by Oni comics and has been described as a female Bourne story.  I’m not quite buying that as I find it reminds me very much more of Spooks or MI5 as it’s called in the states.  That’s no bad comaprison by the way as Spooks is an excellent show which makes me wonder why I found this comic hardgoing.  Rucka has also written two prose novels which tie into the Queen & Country continuity.

So having broached 2 mediums, it’s going for a third and Ryan Condal has been hired to pen the movie.  My first thought was, Who?  There’s not much about him on the net except that he is penning the film adaptation of another great comic – Ocean by Warren Ellis for a 2010 release.  He’s also writing Galahad (2010) and The Thracian Wars (2011), so he’s obviously ddoing something right as he’s quite in demand.

Personally I think it my be time for me to revisit the Queen & Country franchise, I love Rucka and I love the genre so really what’s the risk.

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  1. …Plus those “Definitive” editions are looking a bit tasty…!

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