Quesada: “Marvelman Belongs To Marvel.”

Joe Quesada breaks the news that he’s acquired Britain’s finest hero during an awkward pause according to Comic Book Resources.

Taking a break from fan questions as Quesada is teasing a big announcement…

“Marvelman belongs to Marvel,” said Quesada, saying that the company purchased the character from creator Mick Anglo – a process that started in 2007 thanks to word from Neil Gaiman. “Mick is 94 years old, and I talked to him on Wednesday for an hour and a half,” said Buckley noting that Marvel had discusses plans for the character and its stories with Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Alan Davis and Mark Buckingham, who was in the audience.

“I’m excited to see this character not just at Marvel, but the continued adventures of Marvelman,” said Quesada.

You also can find a video of Quesada talking further about Marvelman right here.

I’ve been out of the comic book game for a while (I think I’m getting my ten year chip next year), but I definitely know Miracle/Marvelman is a very big deal. I remember MacFarlane getting into legal trouble back at Image during the 90’s. Here more on that situation from Rich Johnston via Bleeding Cool

Naturally there are questions about the more recent-ish Marvelman/Miracleman run from Warrior Magazine and Eclipse Comics by Alan Moore, Garry Leach, Dez Skinn, Alan Davis, Chuck Austen, Rick Veitch, John Totleben, Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham that has been under extreme legal uncertainties since the series ended, mid-way into the latter creative team’s run.

I understand it is Marvel’s intent to publish that as well, and they are currently trying to contact every party involved to come to an agreement over any outstanding issues.

In what form that will take is still undecided, and there are still issues to address.

I do hope for the best for Quesada and he does get permission from everyone, but if he doesn’t…Hey! Que Sura Sura.

What current plans for Marvelman does Quesada have, nothing has come up yet, but if I was a betting man. I wouldn’t be surprised if  the Anglo collection gets nice shiny hardcovers.

BTW, is it me or was it a bit unsettling that no one in the room weren’t surprised or even phased about the acquisition?

Source: Comic Book Resources, Bleeding Cool

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