R.E.D. 3 Already Greenlit!

red-2-posterWhat did you think of R.E.D. 2? Oh, you haven’t seen it yet! Get ready for the trilogy treatment! With no cast members signed on, but with the general air around R.E.D. 2 smelling sweet, it looks like the Lionsgate Studio is keen to get number 3 in the works.

Makes perfect sense when you know that the 2010 hit grossed $186M sales against a $58M budget, and the current sequel’s marketing campaign is garnering a lot of coverage of the posters & trailers. It’s a good strategy: set the expectation that you are going to deliver more of the same and tie it all up neatly across three films! Bruce Willis in another sequel, eh!?! Who’d have thought?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
Reporter: SilverFox

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