R2-D2 Kegerator at your service

I love how there are people out there actually make their own R2-D2 droid and wheel them out at conventions, but this guy has taken it to a whole new level of cool.

This R2-D2 unit is used at parties to serve beer and wears a bow-tie. The unit also has a tip jar, if you feel the droid deserves it. This also got me thinking as what other clever ways you could use a R2 unit at parties. We found drinks dispensers, popcorn holder’s, sauce dispenser and lots more. Although why no-one has designed a decent R2-D2 BBQ is beyond me.

I challenge someone to make a BBQ designed around R2-D2 and start to sell it ASAP.

So check out the images below to find out.

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Source: Geek Tryant
GS Reporter: Montoya

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