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The Rangers PosterIf, like me, you are a fan of the classic Ranger archetype you might want to head on over to Kickstarter. Director Ron Newcomb and a band of like-minded, skilled film makers are raising funds for what has the potential to be a damn good fantasy movie set in a new but built world.

The team are looking for funding for the film The Rangers. A high fantasy adventure featuring a team of elite warriors (and the list of influences for this form of ranger is very close to my heart), The Rangers team have not just thought of the story they want to tell but rather went back into the mists of time to work out the mythology of the land. This will hopefully lend that “lived in” feel that films like Lord of the Rings manage that ones like Dungeons & Dragons (the film) did not.

The concept is pretty cool – the synopsis being:

The Rangers is about a special force of elite warriors known as Rangers. What is a Ranger? Rangers are mysterious warriors who operate on the fringe of the kingdom of Olaran, using their unique set of wilderness skills to bring justice to the borderlands. Founded many years ago by King Alirion who saw the need to have a force of warriors loyal to the crown, outside of the highly political royal court and aristocratic knights of the military, as a first line of defense. A force that could be the eyes, ears, voice, and hand of the king in the wilds. They are the beacon lighters, they are the law and order to the distant boundaries of the realm, set on the frontiers to guard and watch the borders of the Kingdom. Our story follows the adventures of the unit of Rangers led by Lieutenant Brander Noke, also known as Wolf, for his ferocious, savage, and often unorthodox pursuit of elves during The Elf Wars, and their new rookie Soren Fell, a half elf, whose identity may hold the key to unlocking the enigma of the gathering darkness. Together, they must strive to help their world to overcome the greatest challenge of their time, while they face their own personal demons. Can the Rangers save their world?

Pretty cool, huh?

The Rangers Character ShotConsidering the scope of the project, i think the target of $50,000 is very reasonable and you can get involved for as little as a shiny dollar. If you feel particularly flush, a contribution of $2,500 will get you an “executive producer” credit you can proudly have on IMDB.

In addition to the film, this transmedia project aims to produce a Customisable Card Game, Graphic Novel and more. Seriously – this could be a fantasy world worth keeping an eye on.


Source: Kickstarter (via email)
Reporter: WedgeDoc

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