Do We Really Want Or Need Top Gun 2?

With all the recent news, do we need a sequel to Top Gun. Geek Syndicate tries to answer this question.

Before we answer this question on Top Gun 2 we need to know why it is a question that needs to be asked and for that we must revisit the original movie.

First a personal note is that when it was released on VHS the HMV store in London had the very first copies in 24 hours before anyone else and I remember standing their when they brought out the boxes and started to fill the shelves up with the video. I grab one and when straight to the till where the guy behind the counter said that this was the first official purchased copy of the film in the UK. Yeah yeah I know but it is still cool to me!

Top Gun was iconic movie of the 80’s for various reasons and I have to start this article by saying I love it. Even today I can watch it with a smile on my face. It was a perfect popcorn movie on so many levels that appealed to the younger generation of that time as well as an older audience who wanted a good action flick.


It was a key point in the Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson partnership that would rule the cinemas for years to come until Simpson’s tragic death and Bruckheimer went solo. The producers had their finger on the pulse of the MTV generation and knew there was an appetite for fast action, fast editing, fast music and fast chemistry and they needed a director who could deliver that. In came Tony Scott a British director who had only really done music videos and some features including The Hunger, up to that point but they trusted him.

I feel the need, the need for speed!

Scott delivered a tour de force of a film that had it all and it looked amazing. His fast cut editing worked seamlessly with the US Navy’s stock footage they gave him to work with. A lot of visuals used in this film would end up in nearly every Bruckheimer for the next decade including the slow motion team walk. In fact I would say that Michael Bay owes a debt to Scott for paving the way to allow him and Bruckheimer to go on to create what is now known as the Bayhem effect.

We cannot forget the cast of this film which made a star of most of its leading actors. To this day their roles are still ones they are most remembered for.

Another key factor for the success of the film was the soundtrack. First there was the score by Harold Faltermeyer of Axel F fame. If you play the score nowadays you know that people will have the image of Cruise’ Maverick walking along in his jumpsuit wearing the shades. The rest of the soundtrack was pure 80’s pop with a few extra shots of adrenaline. As I write this I am listening to the album and it still stands the test of time to this day. A good soundtrack can help a movie but a great soundtrack can propel a movie beyond the cinema effect. It becomes pop culture which this did. Heck even the Ray-Ban Aviator 3025 worn by Cruise became iconic thanks to this film.

Son, your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash.

So now onto the actual question. Do we need a sequel to this film? Should we get Top Gun 2?

The idea is that Cruise will once again be the star and training recruits but now we have human pilots vs unmanned drones where you have these pilots sitting in an office using a joystick and computer screen flying these things. Is it the same, will human pilots be phased out? That is the key question.

OK so I am not averse to this plot and in fact I find it extremely relevant to today’s society. I am sure that we would get lots of Hi-Tech screens and jargon with these hot shot “pilots” but will it truly be a worthy successor to the original. My feeling is that it will just have a score like most films these days and will be more serious. Gone will be the beach volleyball matches and in will be games of skill on a computer.

Scott passed away recently and he was working on the sequel with Bruckheimer and Crusie so any Director will want to make his own mark on the film and not copy the style of the original but I would love to see more of the original films style and flare.

So for me the answer is yes I think a sequel is wanted by the fans but do not turn it into a hi-tech conspiracy thriller. Make it fun, make it cliché. However I bet Cruise will not allow this so if that is the case why bother. Just call it something else.

Reporter: Montoya

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