Rebecca Front in the Thick of It with Doctor Who!

Today, the BBC have announced another guest star for this year’s series of time travelling adventure, Doctor Who. It does seem that Peter Capaldi can’t help but meet back up with his colleagues from The Thick of It. Chris Addison last year … and now, Rebecca Front has been announced as guest starring on Doctor Who.

Rebecca Front will be appearing in episodes seven and eight of the series. Previously we’ve announced that these episodes see the return of Ingrid Oliver as Osgood and of UNIT. It seems the Unified Intelligence Taskforce are keen to keep Front’s role a secret as no details about this have been released by the BBC!

As well as appearing in The Thick Of It alongside Peter Capaldi, Rebecca Front starred with Jenna Coleman in the acclaimed Death Comes To Pemberley. Quite the reunion!

Episodes seven and eight will also feature Jemma Redgrave as Kate Lethbridge-Stewart and the Zygons, last seen in Day of the Doctor. The episodes were written by Peter Harness – who penned Kill the Moon last year as well as the current series, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.

Rebecca Front

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