RED 5 Comics Set to Depict the Early Days of the Villainous Keyser Soze

Wait he’s who? What the hell!…What did I miss? Oh…oh….OH SH*T!

That was me as I watched the credits roll on the Usual Suspects film, completely floored by the big twist. In fact I remember having to rewind the film back ten minutes just to check I had seen what I had seen. Yes there have been other twists in films since and that scene has been parodied to death but only a few have given me that gut punch that the end of the Usual Suspects did.

The other scene I remember was the origin story of the fearsome Keyser Soze being related through voiceover and flashback. One thing was clear from that sequence – this was not a bloke you wanted to get on the wrong side of.

I don’t know what you lot think but usually the idea of comic spin off based on a film or TV property is a tricky beast to tame and yet I am feeling a hard to ignore draw to the announcement that Red 5 Comics are doing a series of graphic novels to celebrate the film’s 20th anniversary.


You do not want to owe this man money

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film, Bad Hat Harry Productions and Red 5 Comics are pleased to announce a series of graphic novels based on “The Usual Suspects”. The first story arc, “Keyser Soze: Scorched Earth”, is set nine years before the events of the film as a younger Keyser Soze is establishing a narcotics empire during the tumultuous days of Ronald Reagan’s war on drugs.

The premise is an interesting if not all that original (everywhere you look it another origin story) but in the right hands this could be a winner.

If you planning to pick this comic up let us know in the comments and what you are hoping for from the story.

Source: Red 5 Comics
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