Reign of Death Starring Noel Clarke – Teaser Trailer

You may have remembered that Dave mentioned Noel Clarke, of Doctor Who fame, trip into the world of pulp with the upcoming project Reign of Death. At the time, other than some cool images, we didn’t have much else to show you guys until now.

Thanks to creator Matthew Savage we now have a teaser trailer to take a look at.

I’ve watched the teaser trailer a few times now and it’s bloody ace. I hope the finished film retains the black and white look rather than colour as it works really well.

It’s got a Sam Spade vibe with a heavy dash of sci-fi (love the opening cityscape shot) which even from the little I can see looks to blend really well. I hope we don;t have to wait to long before we see some more of this.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Reign of Death

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