Rejoice! More Remakes! This Time Day of The Dead (Again)

day-of-the-dead-movie-cover-smallYup it’s the news you’ve been waiting for… oh no wait. It isn’t.  Lati Grobman and Christa Campbell, two of the producing team that allowed the frankly terrible Texas Chainsaw 3D to infest cinemas last year, have snapped up the rights to George A Romeo’s trilogy ending Day of The Dead with a view to releasing it in 2014.


Day of The Dead, which tells the story of the a clutch of military & scientists living underground, clashing and eventually ending up as Zombie fodder.  It’s a bleak, brutal and disturbing film which was always one of my favourite Zombie/Romeo films.

But wait… didn’t someone already remake this?  Well not really.  They stole the title then made a frankly terrible Zombie film starring Ving RhamesMena Suvari. 

Producer Campbell noted ( or stated the obvious with till sound ringing in the back ground) “Zombie movies are really popular right now, and we feel we could do this right.” Yup I think they said the same about Chainsaw and look how that turned out.

“We want to keep it as close to the Romero version as possible,” Campbell said, “to make sure that his fans are happy. These are not going to be zombies climbing walls and doing back flips like in ‘World War Z.”

They are looking at a $10-20 million USD budget so don’t expect anything to large scale.

Truth be know I was equally as negative about the remake of Dawn of The Dead and that ending up being on par (and possibly at times, better) than Romeo’s original.

Does this have a chance?  Not really.

But find out for yourself when it’s released next year.

Source: Horrorella
Reporter: Phil Hobden (@filmsploitation)

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