Relive the classic ‘Asteroids’ with Desktop Blaster

Although I wasn’t exactly great at the old school Asteroids game from Atari back in the day I still  loved it. My problem was I’d always thrust myself into a tight spot and then try to hyperspace myself out only to find myself in an even worst spot.

If you want to relive your Asteroids experiences and then head over the to the Sci-Fi UK website as the gusy over their have just put a game up called ‘Desktop Blaster‘ which is based on Asterroids. Using the cutting edge software Adobe Air this game turns your desktop into an asteroid warzone. Each one of your own personal desktop files becomes an asteroid, and every time you shoot a folder the files from inside crash out onto your desktop as smaller asteroids. There’s even a UFO that flies across your screen as in the original game.

I’ve had a few goes on it and I forgotten how much I used to enjoy Asteroids and also how rubbish I was at it.

Have fun and remember don’t try and hyperspace at home kids!

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Sci-fi uk

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