When Mark Millar’s new magazine/comic launched a year ago no one knew what to expect but the results were mixed between excellent and filler. So what has the new volume got going for it?

From the outside it looks much more like a comic than a magazine which could be a good thing in the long run. Once inside we are treated to what I have to say is an excellent interview with Mr CLiNT himself Mark Millar about his various projects.

The first new strip is called Supercrooks which is an original idea about super powered villains moving to Tenerife because they have no heroes there. The comic is punchy and the scripts fast and intelligent leave you wanting more.

After this we get an interview with Frankie Boyle about why he loves comics. After reading these insights into the man I’ve come to the conclusion that he is off his rocker and just having a blast with his comic Rex Royd. Straight after this we get a new Rex story which is confusing to the uninitiated but still intriguing.

Slotting quietly in the middle of the magazine is a tribute to Lenore for 20 years of stories. A fun piece but seems out of place in CLiNT.

Now comes my favourite strip The Secret Service created by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons. This is a crazy ride and has Millar all over it with some laugh out loud moments and some darker threads brewing.

Towards the end we get a piece on a masked criminal/vigilante calling himself Clint. Is it real or just a set up?? Who knows but I enjoyed it.

The last strip is Death Sentence which has a completely original idea but to tell you more would spoil it, just read and you will be hooked to see what happens next.

So overall a leaner magazine but feeling like it has a real offering of something special. It has less filler and more comics and next issue we get the Hit Girl which will lead into the Kick Ass 2 film. Good job Team CLiNT.

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Source: Titan
GS Reporter: Montoya

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  1. Gyaln Thomas /

    Secret Service is bit Mark Millar Not Frank milar (Miller?)

  2. *ahem* Secret Service is by Mark too, not Frank.

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