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Last week i was given the chance to go see Charlie Ross’ One man Lord of the Rings show and I jumped at the chance with my sword drawn. I love The Lord of the Rings books and film and have done since i was a kid. I saw show at the “Middlesbrough Theatre” in Middlesbrough where I would estimate that there were about 100-150 people in there to see the show, which is a real shame as i would of loved to see the place packed out.

At first we were treated to the support act. This was comedian John Cooper in his on-stage persona of “Danny Pensive”, Danny is a very “Simple” Northern lad who read from his diary and taught the crowed how to play hide and seek with Tesco Staff. He also had the unusual side affect of making me almost die from laughter, His brand of comedy was right up my street. He was only on for 30 minutes but I would pay to see a his show again if I ever get the chance!

After a 30 minute intermission the main show started. Charlie Ross came up on stage and jumped straight into the show! for the next hour he didn’t stop moving or talking except for 30 seconds between each “movie” section. How he does this without having a heart attack or at least messing up some of the lines is a mystery of science! if at any point he made a mistake he had the talent to be able to cover it without anyone noticing!

The act is simply him up on stage physically acting out the main parts of the films/books. It sounds boring as hell, but the light effects and his own injection of comedy really make the show flow and move in an entertaining way. I have seen the movies a few times, I know every plot point and most of the lines but never once was I bored because i knew what was coming. He tells the story in a new way that is nothing short of impressive. He sings the music (Perfectly), he does the Voices (Perfectly) he even does the mannerism of the characters (with a comedy twist). He shows absolute respect to the source material but still manages to poke fun at the film/books/characters/actors. His Gollum/Smegal if so creepily good that if they ever need a replacement then they needn’t look any further then Charlie Ross.

Between “Fellowship” and “Towers” Charlie had a small interaction with the crowed as he paused for a drink. He asked everyone “who had read the books”, there was a round of applause from about half the audience, then he asked “who had seen the films” again there was a round of applause, he then asked “who hadn’t read the books or seen the films” and one young women clapped. Charlie joked that there was nothing here for her and he hoped she was getting a free dinner for coming out to the show. I couldn’t agree more! i wouldn’t recommend this show to anyone that hasn’t see the films at least once, this is a show “about” the stories not a full retelling of Tolkien’s masterpieces. So if you come in fresh you are going to get lost within 30 seconds.

At the end of the show Charlie pulls back the curtain and has a little chat with the audience where he tells the tale of how the One Man Lord of the Rings show came together years ago and it’s a very interesting story full of possible lawsuits and celebrity endorsement. I personally even got a little shout out which was awesome, I guess someone told him I was there to review his show.

I cannot encourage you to go see this show enough if you are a fan of the books/films. Please go see the show when it’s near your town you will not be disappointed. It gets a 5 out of 5 from me! I was fully entertained from start to finish and me and my girlfriend talked about the show for the full ride home and the rest of the evening. it truly is a small one man show that feels like a 9 hour epic film!

The website for the show can be found here and a full list of show dates can be found here.

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