Review: Sugar Glider #1

Sugar Glider #1

Writer: Daniel Clifford

Artist: Gary Bainbridge

22 page standard comic

£3.00 Out Now!

I picked up This Small Press comic from writer Daniel Clifford, Host of The North East Geek Feast Podcast, at this year’s Thought Bubble convention in Leeds, UK. It’s about a ordinary Geordie girl called Susie Sullivan, who has to not only deal with the normal things young women deal with, like babysitting her sisters kid and tiding her room, she also has to fight crime as the masked vigilante “Sugar Glider”.

Currently in Newcastle there is a Anti-Capitalisms movement that is getting tired of handing out flyers and is about to take the next step!

This was the first small press comic that I have read where I didn’t feel like I was having someone else’s agenda shoved down my throat. This is, at its core, a simple straight forward crime-fighter comic book. It wouldn’t feel out of place alongside any main stream superhero comic.

The characters feel real, especially Susie and her family. The conversations with her mother and sister are conversations I can remember having with my family, I’ve definitely had the “stop wasting your life” discussion one or two times. It’s rare that I can form a emotional attachment to characters in the first issue of a series but this one has got me waiting with baited breath for the next instalment.

The artwork from Gary Bainbridge is excellent in it’s simplicity. You can tell which character is which and you can also tell exactly what each character is feeling in each panel. Using simple Black and white lines he manages to tell the story so you never get lost, which is something even Marvel/DC artists can struggle with sometimes. A lot of this issue is setup and not too much action so it’s left me excited to see what Gary can do when a fight scene or an extended action scene is needed.

My Favorite Page


It is my honest opinion that if you like superhero comics along the lines of Batgirl and Spider-Girl then you will enjoy this. This is truly the best Small Press comic I have ever read. The story telling is engaging and interesting and hints at a much larger story then is presented in this first issue, I believe the term us reviewers use is Universe Building. It’s truly refreshing to read a comic where I don’t have to of read 20 other titles just to get a basic understanding of what is going on and yet still get a entertaining story (lets face it! a Geordie Superhero is a pretty cool concept).

If I’ve got to give this a Score out of 5 I’d have to give it 4.5 out of 5, it loses the half point because i do prefer my comics to be in colour and this one is black and white, however it’s not a deal breaker as it is after all a Small Press comic and adding colour would jack up the time involved as well as the printing costs and therefore jack up the price.

So get on twitter and contact Daniel Clifford (@ComicsDaniel) and tell him you want a copy, you can’t go wrong for £3. You can also tweet Gary Bainbridge (@GB_Comics) or check out Gary’s online store.

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