Book Review: The Mall

The Mall

S.L. Grey

Published in hardback June 2011 by Corvus

  “Warning: will chill your blood, pump, your adrenaline, and leave an imprint on your brain. Don’t expect any sleep once you’ve turned the page…”

A bold statement from the publisher but is it true? If you are into horror, love getting that scary feeling late at night or even during the day, or if you like a story that comes back to you at odd moments, you might like this book.  If you are into werewolves, vampires, mummies or any of the other traditional creatures of the night and like nothing else, you may initially wish to pass this book by, but if you want to expand your sense of horror, revulsion or to just feel those shivers of terror, while reading a good book, you should add this to your reading list.


Set in South Africa, Rhonda, a black drug addict babysitter, and Daniel, a white Jewish shop assistant, are thrown together by accident.  

While getting her latest fix Rhonda losses the child in her care. Rhonda informs security, confronts Daniel and bullies him into helping her to find the child.  With security chasing both of them through the shopping centre, they follow what they think is the boy’s path, only to find themselves chased by unseen monsters and they start getting strange and threatening text messages.

They eventually end up in what seems to be an alternative reality to their own. Daniel then becomes a shop assistant with a twist and Rhonda becomes a shopping celebrity before they escape back to their own reality. Here we learn more of the pair, and why they feel they do not fit in and when they find they miss what they had in that other place, they try return.

S. L. Grey is the pseudonym for two South African writers.  Between them they have experience in selling books, Vampire Fiction, animated horror films and one has won an award for South African fiction. Together they have created a book that reads well and fascinates the reader. Told in the first person the writing is easy and this book is perfect as an airport pick up. It will not change your whole view of horror but it will take you on an interesting and strange ride.

 “Saw meets Fight Club”

The last third of the book is not as thrilling as the first half; however I can see this book becoming a cult classic if it attracts the right readership. There were some genuine moments that kept me awake at night with some vivid imagery but isn’t that what a good book is supposed to do.

With further reflection, I think this book could make a better movie than the book which seems fitting as we are told to expect a large viral campaign that will cover a film and also some social gaming aspect as well.

GS Rating 3/5

GS Reporters: whatotherway, Montoya

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