TV REVIEW: The Fades # 1 (spoiler free)

Geek Syndicate were lucky enough to join a few select others for the screening of episode one of the new BBC Three drama The fades.

As part of our coverage of the upcoming launch of The Fades here is our spoiler free review.

In the interest of fairness I just want to put it out there that I love supernatural shows and am a huge Being Human fan. It is about time the UK got back in the game of intelligent drama with a splash of horror. So I had high hopes for this series which on paper sounded really interesting.

We start to see visions of a dust and debris littered future apocalypse where a lone survivor is walking around in a daze. Then we see two boys on bikes breaking into an abandoned shopping centre. At first visions of street gangs come to mind until we see the two boys and there clipped frightened but excited conversation. Here we meet Paul (Ian De Caestecker, Monarch of the Glen) and his best friend Mac (Daniel Kaluuya, Psychoville), the 2 young leads of the series. It is evident from the one go how their relationship works. Mac is the one who loves to talk  use geek refernces wherever possible and Paul is the cautions quite one.

As they explore the building they are separated and Paul sees things he should not. There are creatures running around and then there is Neil, played by the excellent Johnny Harris (This is England 86). Paul is quickly caught up in this world that he cannot understand and it is from here that we start to unravel what The Fades is all about. We are quickly introduced to various characters including Sarah, the lovely Natalie Dormer (The Tudors, Captain America) who has the same gift as Paul and is able to see Fades. The fades are people who are dead but have not moved on, they are trapped here on Earth. Then there is Helen, Daniela Nardini (This Life) who is a gun carrying Vicar with the ability to heal people with her touch. Lastly we get to meet Paul’s twin sister Anna (Lily Loveless, Skins) who is one of the cool kids at school and not to happy about having Paul as a brother and hangs around with her friend Jay (Sophie Wu, Kick Ass) who Paul has a soft spot for. Although not too much going on here for Anna and Jay there is a lovely moment between Paul and Jay that really works and I think Jay will stand out as a really interesting character to see grow in this show, I hope so at least. Then filling out the main cast is Mark (Tom Ellis, Miranda) as the estranged husband of Sarah and a teacher. Am looking forward to seeing where his story will lead as not much is revealed in this episode.

The rest of the episode shows how Paul starts to understand what is this new world he has found himself in and how Neil decides to take him under his wing. We also see the great relationship between Paul and Mac develop and start to see how this will play out for the series.

There is enough dark moments and scares to keep the horror fans happy but also this is a drama written with love and passion by Jack Thorne (This is England 86) and you can see clearly his influences on the screen. In fact in one scene Mac actually tells us what they were. Overall a great first episode that created a intriguing and slightly worrying world to live in and with a brave premise that shows it is not afraid to tackle the big set up like an apocalypse of some sort. We get questions but also answers here and a lot more.

Is this the new Being Human, the answer is no it is something else and I like it. So tune in on September 21st on BBC Three or BBC HD and hope that The Fades do not come for you.

GS Rating: 5/5

SOURCE: BBC Three, The Fades

GS Reporter: Montoya

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