Revival Stage 1 Comes this February

Until today, I honestly had zero idea that the game Revival existed. Maybe the hardcore PC gamers caught wind of it, but you and I are seeing this for the first time. The beauty of Revival comes from indie developers IllFonic. Before Revival, IllFonic created Nexuiz, a very shiny, luminous (and hard to pronounce) shooter for PC and Xbox 360.

Using the Unreal engine, the game engine of choice for many big budget titles. Revival is Lovecraftian horror MMO. The RPG promises deep systems wherein players can feel like they are living in a structured society, with rules and politics. The development team also includes live storytellers, who craft the lore as players advance and interact with the environment. All o Revival‘s features seem to be a remedy for the dull and familiar aspects of many MMORPGs.


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Newly revealed for Revival is player housing. On Revival’s official site, you can actualy purchase housing, your own little slice of the game’s landscape. Some things in Revival, IllFonic says, will be real money purchases. For example, an 88 sq. ft. (about 27 sq. meters.) tenement is $36.62 (£ 23.78) So what to make of all this? I don’t really know. Other than very pretty pictures and a fantastic website, I have found no video of gameplay. I am excited, but in an idea. No matter what industry vets are working on the project, and no matter how rich the environments look, talk is still cheap.

Housing is currently available for purchase for the alpha players, the “founders,” but the actual game is not available to play. We are far from the completed product. I hope to play it in the future. I will give an update if and when I have the opportunity to play Revival.

GS Blogger: Vichus Smith

Source: Illfonic


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