Rex Royd Arrives on ComiXology

The breakout smash hit from CLiNT magazine, Frankie Boyle’s Rex Royd, is now available on the iPad, iPhone, Android devices and Kindle Fire via ComiXology.

Chronicling the first seven chapters, follow Rex, the CEO of Rexcorp, as he attempts to reshape the world in his own image. The ‘Renaissance Man of Madness’ is a super smart scientist and keen businessman who owns everything in a world brimming with metahumans. Rex is destined to be the foe of Proteoman, the alien hero. He is joined by his partner Alan Black and Eve as he pushes reality, moral decency and good taste.

This is a huge leap forward for both the character and CLiNT magazine. To my knowledge this is the first character that started in the magazine to be released somewhere else. Sure we have seen Kick Ass 2 and the like as a comic and in other forms, but this is a first for a CLiNT’s own brand. Could this be the first of many?

You can download Rex from comiXology

Reporter: Luke Halsall


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