Rigsy Returns to Doctor Who


Another announcement has come out of the BBC about this year’s series of Doctor Who. Rigsy (the young graffiti artist from last year’s Flatline played by Jovian Wade) will feature once again in an episode written by Being Human and The Game‘s Sarah Dollard. The details around the character’s return are top secret at the moment, but if nothing else, we can speculate that the TARDIS will be making a return trip to Bristol this year!

Doctor Who - Rigsy

Writing for the series for the first time, Sarah Dollard had this to say:

Getting to play in the Doctor Who toy box is a dream come true. It’s a total honour to contribute to a show that has brought me such joy as a fan. However, writing for Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman has presented a serious problem: some days I’ve been too excited to actually sit down and type!

I can only imagine how that feels!

Source: Press Release
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