Rise (Blood Hunter) – Review


I picked up a copy of Rise (Blood Hunter) in an online Halloween sale. Not because it was made by the makers of The Grudge, but because it was less than £4, made by Ghost House Pictures (gotta love Sam Raimi) and had Lucy Liu in it, an actress I think is underrated. Plus, with a tagline like “Victim. Vampire. Assassin.” how could I not?

Now, I’m not a huge horror fan (my genre being more Hammer than hardcore) and maybe this is why this film appealed to me. It’s long at just under 2hrs, and from a gore perspective there’s a bit but it’s not strewn with dead bodies. There’s no vampires bursting into flames when they die, and in fact I don’t believe the word vampire is used once in the entire film. It is a film which you feel you invest in once you start to watch, and I for one was surprised at how much it pulled me in. Liu’s character is a reporter who goes undercover for the wrong story, and ends up being dinner for a couple of blood suckers. She wakes up in the morgue a few days later and decides that she can’t adapt to her new lifestyle, and so decides on a vengeance mission to get all those who were involved in her transformation. Along the way she meets Michael Chiklis (The Shield) who has a vested interest in her mission and reluctantly they team up to finish the job.

If you’re one who likes your complicated storylines then this may not be for you, although they use the oft-used flashback trick well here, but it’s worth a look on a dark and stormy night when there’s nothing on TV. Plus nice to see a couple of familiar faces along the way.

GS Reviewer: Cheryl Alliston

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