Robert Downey Jr. Possibly To Don Fangs

The only positive from The Queen of The Damned. Not only were there nods to classic horror movies in the videos, they were a homage to 90’s MTV music videos.

From Bloody Disgusting

We’ve been scrambling all week to confirm the following report, especially since it came from a very reliable source and is insanely logical considering the popularity of vampires these days. I guess something good has come from the success of Twilight as Bloody Disgusting has learned exclusively that Universal Pictures is looking to restart Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles, which tells the tale of the vampire Lestat Du Lioncort (through his narration), a nobleman-turned-vampire in the late 18th century. No word yet on how they plan on unrolling this franchise, but we did find out who they are talking with to replace Tom Cruise and Stuart Townsend. Read on for the skinny.

We have confirmed this afternoon that ROBERT DOWNEY JR. is in close talks to play the vampire Lestat in Universal Pictures’ The Vampire Chronicles, a newly rebooted franchise based on Anne Rice’s popular novels.

I’m a bit interested in this. To me…nobody could replicate Lestat so far. Cruise was Cruise in vampire makeup.  Townsend, while exuding “rock star”, fell in the same pitfalls Cruise did. Always playing it overly evil. I’ve seen Downey in period movies (Restoration possibly my favorite…minus Meg Ryan) so I think he can handle himself quite well in that aspect. If everything is set in stone, I’d at least like to see Interview play up the fact that the story is at least the narrator, Louis’ perspective of Lestat and then have everything cleared up in The Vampire Lestat. And for god’s sake quit playing vanity as over the top, mustache curling evil.

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