Robocop Remake Gets a “HOUSE” as a Villain

 So news has been coming fast recently on the Robocop remake and now we get some more casting details. None other than House’s Hugh Laurie is in talk to play at least one of the bad guys in the film. This is great news as far as I am concerned.

Laurie would most likely play the head of OCP (Omni Consumer Products)who came to a cool end in the original movie. Other cast members recently announced are Gary Oldman who creates Robocop, Samuel L. Jackson as a media mogul, Abbie Cornish as maybe the wife of Alex Murphy (Robocop) and Joel Kinnaman as the cyborg himself.

The film is being directed by Jose Padilha and is scheduled to be released in August 2013

“Elite Squad” helmer Jose Padilha is directing the origin story from a script by Josh Zetumer. Joel Kinnaman stars as the titular crimefighter, a decorated Detroit police office who undergoes a drastic transformation to become RoboCop after he’s brutally murdered while on duty.

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Source: celluloidandcigaretteburns, Variety
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