Robot Chicken Season 4 DVD – Review

I have recently had the chance to review the Robot Chicken season 4 DVD, I had very little exposure to Robot chicken except for the off youtube clip. Robot chicken is a sketch show with a difference, instead of live actors the sketches are preformed by action figures and toys. it’s like a childs play time has been filmed and put on to TV, oh and the child is also a foul mouth little terror.

Robot Chiken is the Brain child of Matthew Senreich and Seth Green, both of who are extremely clever and funny. there is also a all star writing back up crew who also do most of the voices! there are also hundreds of celebrities that record their own voices for the show (sometimes only getting one line).

Each episode is around 11 -12 minutes long with 20 episodes in the season as a whole. each sketch is on average about 20 seconds long, this leads to a very fast paced program and ensures that you never get bored as no gag goes on longer then it should. The writing staff know just how far to go with a joke and once they have all the laughs they are going to get they jump to the next sketch and make you laugh some more! Lots of the gags skirt the line between funny and offensive but they never stray to far over that line and if they do by the time you are offended they have moved on to another gag.

As you can probably already tell I was definitely impressed by the show, but the big question is would i buy this DVD? erm…. YES! it’s one of those shows where you can pop in the disk and jump to a random point and start watching. there is no major story arch or character development to keep track of, it’s just one joke after the next jumping from Tentacle Tape Porn all the way to Castle Gray Skull!

I encourage anyone that enjoys shows like Family Guy or any of the shows on Adult Swim to go out and get this as soon as you can.

The Special Features are enjoyable but i can’t see myself watching them more then the once. there are back stage diaries, look at how they do the animation, deleted scenes and all the other usual things.

I’m giving this DVD a 4.5 out of 5, it loses half a point due to the rewatchabiltiy!

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