Robot Chicken: Star Wars II out now on DVD


A rather fetching Princess ‘Slave girl” Leia cosplayer enlists the aid of Hellboy and some of his friends and enemies to help celebrate the release of Robot Chicken’s Star Wars II on DVD.

Robot Chicken: Star Wars II reunites viewers with Emperor Palpatine who, tiring of Darth Vader’s incompetence, seeks advice from Alfonso, the hairdresser, during a routine trim. Gary the Storm Trooper is forced to take his daughter to work to keep the wife happy (not as simple as it sounds when your boss is the Dark Lord of the Sith) and Luke and Darth Vader bond over a father/son fishing trip. Once again, the Robot Chicken crew takes a twisted look at all six films to create a hilarious parody of the phenomena that is Star Wars.

Don’t forget this is the last week to enter or competition for you chance to win a copy of the show!


Trailers: Standard Trailer and Risque Trailer

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