Rogue Trooper Fan Film: Remembrance Day – Addendum

I got sent this link for this Rogue Trooper fan film from a GS listener and the criminal thing is it took me over a month to click on the link, which was my loss (apologies Martin!). Having just watched it I was amazed at what can be done these days when you have the passion to get up off you arse and make it happen. According to The Irish Rogues, who are the makers of this film, all it took was “a small crew,One camera, one dolly, and a lot of strange looks from fellow beach goers”

The film was done as part of the masters of CG competition whose brief was…

Masters of CG is the new design competition for VFX, 3D and animation professionals from Creative Bloq. Brought to you in partnership with HP, Nvidia and 2000 AD®, a Rebellion company.
Over the next 3 months you will have the unique opportunity to work with one of 2000 AD’s most iconic characters: Rogue Trooper.
Using the classic Rogue Trooper storyline Remembrance Day, we invite you to form a team (of up to four participants) and tackle as many of our four categories as you wish – maybe just one, or maybe all four!

Check out the results below, I think you will agree that it was worth a few strange looks!

Now that I know this competition exists I reckon I will be paying a few visits to the site to see what else is on offer from our blue skinned bad ass. You can see all the shortlisted entries here.

GS Blogger: Nuge @geeksyndicate

Source: Masters of CG 

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