Rumor On ‘Man of Steel’ Jimmy Olsen

Rebecca BullerOver at /Film, Angie Han brings up a supposed switch in how we have seen Jimmy Olsen in every other Superman film. In fact, the rumor is that Jimmy Olsen doesn’t really exist. Instead, his gender has been swapped, and he is now a she, Jimmy is now Jenny.

Someone has listed Rebecca Buller (The Playboy Club) as Olsen. This is not the first interesting swap Man of Steel has made. Laurence Fishburne’s casting as Perry White recieved all sorts of responses. Neither role demands a specific gender or race for either character, so if there is a Jenny Olsen, it doesn’t mean that much. On the other hand, with a female Jimmy Olsen, Superman’s Pal could very well become Superman’s Girlfriend.

Source: /Film
Reporter: VichusSmith

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