Rumours: Transformers New Trilogy Star?

So some of you would have seen Transformers Dark of the Moon by now and it is no secret that Michael Bay and Shia Labeouf have said they are done with Transformers now but now there is talk of a new trilogy of films and there is a leading man being named. So who is it?

None other than Jason Statham has been seen on many sites around the world and so far no-one is denying it. Could this be a move into darker terrorty for the franchise?

I like Jason and have never expected anything great from the guy but he does make entertaining films. If he takes over the lead role it will mean more leading man action and possible a whole new supporting cast.

Lets wait and see where this takes us?

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GS Reporter: Montoya

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  1. Bay has personally debunked this…. says there’s not even any thought of a 4th movie atm.

    • montoc1701 /

      Yeah but we all know Bay does like to not tell the whole truth.. Let’s wait and see as the producers have said they will do another if it makes enough

    • science guy /

      do remember bay doesn’t have to be involved if the studio want another film or another trilogy its not dependent on weather bay wants to or not they are free to choose someone else to direct and produce

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