Russell Crowe as Dr Watson… I don’t think so

When first heard that Russell Crowe was in talks to play Dr Watson in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes movie I thought this is rubbish ( the words I actually used rhymed with buck Russell Crowe as Watson…please no. Guy’s obviously hitting the opium too much like the character he about to commit to film I told myself.

According to this story over at Yahoo Guy has now denied this casting rumour. The weird thing is, now that the dust has settled, it left me wondering just how Crowe would have done in the role. There’s obviously going to be a lot more action then some Holmes fans are used to, especially given this quote from Robert Downey Jr.

“I’ve got to spend some time with Guy and I love his take on it. We’re both martial arts enthusiasts and in the original stories of Sherlock Holmes, he’s kind of a bad-ass and a bare-knuckle boxer.”

Personally and I may be in the minority I’m actually looking forward to this take on Holmes. So long as I get the detective stuff I’m up for seeing him cracks some heads as well. Hey Young Sherlock Holmes could kick ass as did Rathbone’s portrayal so why not this new movie version.

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Source: Yahoo

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