Samuel L. Jackson is Matthew Vaughn’s Villain in The Secret Service

samuel_l_jackson_nick_fury  Samuel L. vs Colin Firth… seriously, it’s up there isn’t it!?

Matthew Vaughn’s working on Mark Millar & Dave Gibbons’ graphic novel The Secret Service instead; he has already cast Colin Firth as the secret agent (think, very posh Bond) who takes young punk, Taron Egerton under his wing a la Pygmalion, and now it’s being confirmed that Samuel L. Jackson is set to play the villain, with production expected to start in the autumn. Vaughn just needs to find the movie’s female lead, with the likes of Emma Watson (really?) and Dark Shadows star Bella Heathcoate being touted as candidates.

Please, please, please let him be better than The Octopus in The Spirit!!!

Source: Cinema Blend
Reporter: SilverFox67

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