Satire is coming to the Dundee Literary Festival

Looks like its time for Bats to hang up the old cowl and supes to fly off into the sunset. According to the team behind a new comic launching at the Dundee Literary Festival there’s a new hero flying into town and he’s big, blue and ginger.

The first in a series centring round Scotland’s first comic book superhero, the dark and gritty world of the main character is a pseudo-history of the country and its mythology. Set entirely in the landscape of Scotland during pivotal moments from the past the novel will be familiar to those who enjoy the rich legends and traditions of Scotland.

I really love the sound of this comic. An immortal hero created way back in the day to protect Scotland from all evil doers yes please! In this first graphic novel we see big blue (yeah DC you don’t own the term) taking on the might of the Ninth legion. Methinks the Romans are about to get a kicking. 

 “Saltire is an immortal being created thousands of years ago to protect Scotland and its people. He’s big, he’s blue and he’s ginger. He has Scottish values but he’s a traditional comic book superhero with a variety of super villains to contend with as the story progresses, a Scottish competitor to Batman and Spiderman if you like.” -Creator John Ferguson

I love the premise and the idea of giving Scotland an alternative history by inserting Saltire into it. The art, provided by a team that was bought together through a competition at Duncan of Jordanstone Art College, looks solid. I will be looking to add Saltire to my ever growing comics list.

If you are attending the Dundee Comics Day which is part of the Literary Festival at Dundee University you will get to jump the queue as Saltire will be launching there tomorrow. You will also be able to meet its creator John Ferguson and the rest of the creative team.

Saltire – Invasion. Full Colour Graphic Novel by John Ferguson. Art by Gary Welsh & Tone Julskjaer. Cover by Jim Devlin. Published by Diamondsteel Comics Ltd. When a peaceful land is faced with the might of all conquering Rome, its legendary guardians must stand as one or kneel before an oppressive empire. As the sun rises, the immortal protector awakens to face the ultimate battle for freedom.

Reporter: Nuge

Source: Diamond Steel Comics

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