Scarlett Johansson “Enhanced” for Luc Besson’s LUCY

ku-xlargeHaving established that she can move into action hero genre, chiefly in the guise of Marvel’s Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson seems to have landed another plum role, this time imbued with powers denied her as an Avenger: The Fifth Element writer and director Luc Besson wants her to front his upcoming super-powered action movie, Lucy.


Sources report that Johansson is in final negotiations to star in the Besson’s Lucy; he wrote the script, which centres on a woman forced to become a drug mule. But when the drug is absorbed into her system, she transforms a la Limitless into a combination of heroes, in as much as she can absorb knowledge instantaneously, move objects with her mind, can’t feel pain and generally kicks the BeJesus out of people.

Source: Ain’t It Cool
Reporter: SilverFox67

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