Scarlett Johansson Wants More Scenes in “The Avengers”

Vital Role? or Just Eye Candy?

The website ShowbizSpy is reporting that Scarlett Johansson has been demanding more action scenes in “The Avengers”. She wants more action scenes so she doesn’t just become the eye candy for the guys.

“Scarlett is making a point of not being the token woman in themovie, She has had extra action scenes already but is still wanting more. She’s also been very reluctant to have her character be a love interest for the male heroes. Scarlett wants Black Widow to be on a level with the guys if not even more super!”

Scarlett might need to be careful with her demands. Marvel have a history of replacing actors that step out of line. there are plenty of hot Red heads in Hollywood that could take the role of Black Widow away from her and if i’m brutally honest if you look at the cast it is clear that one of the main reasons she is there is so the avengers isn’t just 5 guys punching things!


GS Reporter: Matt Pease

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