SCI-FI-LONDON’s Oktoberfest 2011 line up

For those going to Sci Fi’s London Oktoberfest and for those who have not but want to know what is happening, check it out


First off, we are delighted to be screening the UK premiere of ANGELS AND AIRWAVES, LOVE. On Sunday 9 October at 7.30 we present the visual and aural spectacle that is this sci-fi/art house hybrid.

The opening sequence of LOVE is so achingly beautiful and intense that even if you saw nothing but the first ten minutes, you’d be leaving with a cinematic treat.

Aint It Cool News said “LOVE is one of the more engaging, visually exciting art house films I’ve seen; they impressively manage a larger budget feel with much less than was actually available. This is a film has a lot to offer the INCEPTION and MOON crowds.”

Driven by the powerful music of ANGELS & AIRWAVES (fronted by Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge), LOVE explores the fundamental human need for connection and the limitless power of hope. Don’t miss it!

Next up, we have the Sundance award-winning ANOTHER EARTH. Starring newcomer Brit Marling, who co-produced and wrote the film, it tells a tragic story set against the discovery of a parallel Earth. Could things that happened on our Earth never have happened on the new arrival? And if so, would you take the chance to go there and live a different life?

As The Hollywood Reporter put it “Another Earth” is science fiction at its best, with outstanding credits across the board that demonstrate how much can be achieved in film even on a modest budget. Sundance can boast of another discovery and the birth of two more stars in its already crowded firmament.

We are also excited to screen the end-of-the-world drama THE DIVIDE, directed by Xavier Gens. However, this is not HITMAN and with the lack of studio control is evident, he presents a tough and no-holds-barred drama.

THE DIVIDE is one of the bleakest, most brutal portrayals imaginable of a post-apocalyptic world. Despite the claustrophobic setting, the narrative is fluid and the framing never becomes repetitive.

The other three movies in the line-up are:

The cerebral and beautiful BY DAY AND BY NIGHT, from Mexico

Argentinean post-apocalyptic drama, PHASE 7

Crazy, Japanese gore-fest HELLDRIVER

…more of these in the next newsletter.


Of course, no SCI-FI-LONDON festival would be complete without our notorious all-night marathons and this Oktoberfest we have two crackers!


(Mystery Science Theater 3000 to the uninitiated) is on the bill, with five movies back-to-back… the line up is yet to be announced, but watch out for Pod People around Camden.


If you have never tried an all-nighter before, come to the MST3K night, you will be up all evening in the company of some lovely people, laughing yourself stupid!


ANIME ALL-NIGHTER has an amazing line-up that celebrates the best new movies and includes one of the first films we ever screened, now considered a classic.

The movies are:

  • TEKKEN BLOOD VENGEANCE – which we screen in HD and 2D. This is one of the few chances to see this film on the big screen in amazing quality, without those horrid glasses :0
  • WELCOME TO THE SPACE SHOW – looks awesome, has some great characters… great fun!
  • EDEN OF THE EAST, PARADISE LOST – second movie in the series, this is fresh and delivers a great story.
  • TRIGUN BADLANDS RUMBLE – explodes into life on the big screen with intense action, this is epic stuff, see it big!
  • JIN ROH: THE WOLF BRIGADE – one of the last fully hand-drawn features, with great soundtrack and a solid story, this is one not to miss.

Tickets for the all-nighters are on sale this week and everyone attending gets the usual goody bag and a few freebies… book early!



Friday October 7 we will have a wonderful sci-fi cabaret night, featuring geek stand-up comedians, a bit of burlesque and DJs until 3am.

Sophia Disgrace presents her Darth Vader striptease act, which will definitely cast doubts on Luke’s paternity.

Stand-ups appearing are Bec HillNathaniel Metcalfe and Pete Dillon Trenchard. The whole evening is hosted by festival favourite Rob Deb. There are only 60 tickets for this event and it will sell out quickly, so get yours ASAP from eventbrite 




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