SCI-FI LONDON 2016 Announces Full Festival Line up

Welcome to the UK’s only dedicated sci-fi and fantasy film festival. SCI-FI LONDON runs from 27 April – 6 May 2015 and the full programme line up is now available for the discerning peruser of all things speculative.

SFL-GENERIC-TEXT-LOGOAlways an interesting event, The Annual International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film, to give it the full title, promotes new and innovative voices in the world of science fiction and fantasy cinema, at various locations across London. This year’s venues are the Hackney and Stratford Picturehouse cinemas, the Rich Mix in Shoreditch and The Genesis Cinema in Whitechapel. If you can make it to these venues, then you’re in for a treat. So what will you be able to see?

Capsule 9The opening night world premier is called Capsule and is on at Stratford. Directed by newcomer Andrew Martin and featuring Edmund Kingsley (Hugo, 2011), Capsule is the story of an experienced British fighter pilot in command of Britain’s first manned mission to space in 1959. Described as a claustrophobic thriller running at 92 minutes, it focuses on some unusual communications between the UK, US and the Soviet Union. Watch the trailer here and then join the cast and crew on Wednesday 27 April at 8pm.

Another world premier with a cast and crew Q&A is sci-fi action movie Kill Command. On at Hackney on Thursday 28 April, it is directed by Steve Gomez: a VFX artist and contemporary of Gareth Edwards (Monsters, Godzilla). This near-future thriller is the classic man v machine story, this time set on an island training facility, which descends into a battle to the death and an enemy beyond evil. Check out the trailer:

There are plenty of other world and UK premiers, as would be expected, including the story of a woman who never ages, Tourbillon, from the US; the closing night film The Call Up where a group of elite online gamers receive a mysterious invitation to trial a state-of-the-art virtual reality video game (also features a full cast and crew Q&A); and the brilliantly named comedy This giant papier mache boulder is actually really heavy – which comes from New Zealand and sees three ordinary joes cast into an alternative reality of old Sci-Fi movies. Sounds awesome.

An interesting addition is a Spanish language thriller set in 2052 called Android’s Dream featuring a bounty hunter that stalks robots in a dystopia (think Hardware meets High Rise). It is, however, a minimalist adaptation of Dick’s ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ but nothing like Bladerunner. Visit the Genesis Cinema on 1 May if you’re curiosity is piqued. Trailer here:

The Call Up poster (1)More news for fans of East London as there’s an four-day VR and immersive arts event, called HACKSTOCK at The Trampery on Old Street. A collaboration between SCI-FI-LONDON and PSYCHFI, #HACKSTOCK is making science fiction a reality. Holograms, virtual reality, mind control, all in the spirit of ‘turn on, boot up, jack in. A perfect event for all hackers, geeks, creatives, tech enthusiasts, aliens and alternate reality seekers.

Other special events include a special 50th Anniversary screening of the Richard Fleischer classic Fantastic Voyage, the ever-popular annual SCI-FI Dog Show, and the 48 hour challenge awards – first won by the aforementioned Gareth Edwards in 2008. The film festival also teams up with the Arthur C. Clarke Award on the opening night. The 30th Clarke Award shortlist will be announced on Wednesday 27 April.

Film (both long and short form), books, documentaries, VR, competitions and more. As usual, SFI-FI LONDON pushes the boundaries of sci-fi and challenges stereotypes! For the full programme, visit

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