Sci Fi London Announce Lineup for Sci Fi Weekender

We are now just weeks away from the Sci Fi Weekender and when it was announced a while back that Sci Fi London had team up with the convention we all had fingers crossed for what films would be showing. Now we have our answer.

Also it is not just films but the SCI FI LONDON team are hosting not one but two quizzes. One for the early birds on Thursday and one on Friday.

As for the films it is a great line up with some special introductions from some of the stars of the movies who are also attending the event. Check them out and start to plan what you will be watching. I have my eye on a few and feel free to come and join me for Star Trek which I will be watching in my Star Trek slippers!!!!

CRAP FILM AMNESTY – For the EarlyBirds, we have a mission for you… Bring along your guilty pleasure, that movie that you own, watch occasionally and really enjoy but know you shouldn’t! Bring the DVD, we will collect them altogether and then the audience vote on which is the worst…or best, depending on your outlook. Once decided, we watch it together!
THE SCI-FI-LONDON MINI-QUIZ – a braincrunching scifi and fantasy quiz to get your juices flowing for the mega quiz on Saturday night.,. literature, film, TV and games will all feature -so wise up!

DREDD (2012, Pete Travis, 95mins) – one of the best films of 2012. Just in case you didn’t catch this at the cinema and haven’t bought the DVD yet (shame on you!) – we bring you the best damn comic adaptation ever – Dredd as he should be!

A full day of film and talks.
THE FACILITY (2012, Ian Clark, 82mins)
Brand new UK sci-fi thriller set in a research lab. A group of people have agreed to take part in drug trials for a new chemical called Pro9. Of course it all goes wrong and we have fun watching them die! Great performances, well made and a just what the doctor ordered to kick the weekend off. (Out on DVD Mar 11)

Robert Grant, the literary editor at SCI-FI-LONDON and member of the Arthur C. Clarke Award jury has a new book out called How to write the Scifi screenplay. Join Robert as he talks about writing science fiction screenplays, world building, characters and much more

GHOSTS WITH SHIT JOBS (2012, Jim Munroe, 81mins)
This funny and very political sci-fi movie premiered at SCI-FI-LONDON in May 2012. It takes us to Canada in 2040, following the USA and Canada becoming bankrupt. China runs the world and the North Americans now do the ‘shit’ jobs that no one else wants to do. “Excellent science fiction is not dead, it just moved from the cinema to the Internet” – WIRED.

THE ROAD WARRIOR (1981, George Miller, 94mins) – Intro by Virginia Hey
Mad Max II – The Road Warrior is everything a bigger-budgeted Mad Max sequel should be: bigger, faster, louder, more explosive, bloodier… just come watch it and see the ultimate Warrior Woman introduce it! Awesome.

A selection of short films from previous and the upcoming film festival. We have something for everyone in this mix of fantastic film!

GALAXY QUEST (1999, Dean Parisot, 102 mins)
Are they watching us? Are they among us here in North Wales? Who cares… this is one of the funniest films you will ever see and a proper scifi to boot! Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tim Allen… just brilliant.

STAR TREK (2009, J.J.Abrams, 127 mins)
Following Galaxy Quest is tough, but what could be more perfect than the amazing 2009 Star Trek. We are so excited about the new film coming in May this year, that we thought we would whet all our appetites with this brilliant high-octane reboot of the greatest franchise on the planet!

MANBORG (2012, Steven Kostanski, 61 mins)
A creative and hilarious love letter to a VHS sub culture.. do you know what we mean when we refer to a ‘top loader’? Perhaps those weaned on a diet of CGI will fail to understand the beauty and static grace of the stop animation in film. But this has surfing vampire Nazis, chicks with guns and a Manborg! It is truly amazing!

THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (1975, Jim Sharman, 100 mins)
A man in stockings is a beautiful thing…isnt it? Can you prove that? Well dress up, down or sideways and come singalong to this classic cult musical. There will be no prizes for the best looking, but there might be some action behind the bike sheds later… let’s do the timewarp again!

RAILWAY TO THE STARS (talk and Q&A, 70mins)
Simon Ings, editor of ARC, a digital quarterly about the future by the makers of New Scientist, gives a fascinating talk on early Soviet Science and Russian science fiction movies. RAILWAY TO THE STARS is a celebration of Russia’s spirit of exploration through Russian film.
The story of the most ambitious British television series ever made, SPACE PRECINCT LEGACY is a feature length documentary about Gerry Anderson’s short lived, live action series Space Precinct. Featuring all new interviews with cast and crew and never before seen behind the scenes material. We present the trailer for the film and a Q&A with Paul about the film due out later this year.

WILLOW (1988, Ron Howard, 126mins)
Elves, dwarves, an abandoned baby, and an evil witch? Why it must be “Willow” It’s 25 years since this movie appeared and Lucasfilm have worked their magic on it for an anniversary Blu-ray release. We are delighted to have the UK premiere of the newly restored version of this classic family film.

FLASH GORDON (1980, Mike Hodges, 111mins) – Intro by Brian Blessed
…Aaaahaaah! Camp film at its finest. Will Flash save the world? Of course he will but what a joy to watch (and sing along?) – and as Brian Blessed says “Onward my brave Hawkmen! Let this be known forever as Flash Gordon’s Day!”

Are you ready for the ultimate challenge? Trivia, facts, teasers and traps, all designed to test your knowledge to the limits. Put a team together, turn your smartphones off (we will be checking!), sign up at reception and prepare!!!

ALIEN (1979, Ridley Scott, 117mins)
One of the best sci-fi horror films ever made, this timeless classic is one to enjoy with friends. Nothing more to say, it is brilliant.

SCANNERS (1981, David Cronenberg, 103mins)
One of Cronenberg’s best sci-fi horror films – part conspiracy thriller, part political tract. Set in a dark (but bland) world in which corporate executives engineer humans to produce powerful mental samurai. Hell, it has Michael Ironside in it!

There may be a few other surprises and a few spot prizes along the way, so if you havent booked your tickets yet head over to and get booked in. See you there!

So what do you think?

Source: SCI FI LONDON, Sci Fi Weekender
Reporter: Montoya

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