SCI-FI-LONDON: Easter Parade

“I could write a sonnet, about your Easter Bonnet, and of the girl i’m taking to the [SCI-FI-LONDON] Easter Parade…”

On Sunday the 24th of April, at 12pm YOU could take part in SCI-FI-LONDON’s first ever Easter Parade.

I hear you all quivering with excitement already, and dusting down your old Jedi Robes, however, if you want to receive a spot prize, originality may be key! There will be prizes for the best dressed.

To get involved in the parade all you have to do is turn up at 12pm (mid-day) at the British Film Institute, dressed in your finest gear, and parade along the Thames to the London Film Museum.

Taking part is free of charge so all you cosplayers, zombies, jedis, bounty hunters, vampires, superheroes, and just plain old fancy dress fans get down there for what is sure to be a barrel of laughs!


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