SCI-FI-LONDON: Full Programme Announced

You Are Here: one of the must see films of the festival

The full programme for SCI-FI-LONDON has been announced and boy is it an exciting one this year. Here are some of my personal highlights, and others that you might be up for:

What: Your Days Are Numbered: The Maths of Death

When: Saturday 23rd April @ 8.30pm

The tag line for this maths related comedy show is that “you have a 0.000043% of dying during this show”. Whilst death is not normally the most hilarious of topics, especially when you are going to a show where the entire premise is death, this sounds like an hilarious show. From the imagination of Stand-Up Mathematician (yes apparently we have those now), and Comedian Timandra Harkness, they did some research and can now bring you the definitive comedy show about death and dying. Apparently you don’t need to have any mathematical knowledge, but to maths nerds like me (did you know if you buy a lottery ticket on a Monday, you have more chance of dying before the draw then actually winning the lottery), a comedy mathematician sounds ideal anyway!

What: SUSPECTED – real world gaming

When: Sunday 24th April @ 10.00am

This year SCI-FI-LONDON have commissioned Fire Hazard to design and run a real world gaming event. If you’ve never done one of these before then you get an mp3 for the game, map, and instructions. The MP3 acts as a guide for the game and you have a mission to complete. You choose a side, and have to evade capture, complete tasks, pass on secret messages crack codes or whatever else to help your side to victory!! You’ll also receive text messages, tips and help, and will be guided by the voice in your ear!

Don’t think about it…JUST DO IT!

What: Robotica

When: Monday 25th April @ 7.30pm

There are always an epic amount of Robot related stuff at the festival, and this year is no different. I have opted for this as my robot choice over the other fascinating looking “We are all Cylons” feature. This is a selection of short films curated by onedotzero and looks great all in all. Featuring Federico Alvarez’s ATAQUE DE PANICO!

What: London Girl Geek Dinners

When: Thursday 28th April @ 6.30pm

Leilani Holmes and Anna Higgs will be presenting at this event this year to talk about how they make use of new media, crowd sourcing content and engage with collaborative filmmaking forums to challenge the glass ceiling in a Male Dominated industry. This event is always incredibly popular every year so book early to avoid disappointment!

What: The UK Premier of ‘Beyond the Black Rainbow

When: Monday 25 April @ 7.30pm

A beautiful looking sci-fi about a young woman imprisoned in a laboratory and her scientist jailer. The trailer for this film looks great, if a little arty and old-school. It looks facinating though, and never have I been disappointed by one of the Premier picks at SCI-FI-LONDON. I’m certain this will be fantastic.
Beyond the Black Rainbow – Trailer by SFLTV

What: The UK Premier of ‘Gantz’

When: Tuesday 26th April @ 8.10pm

SCI-FI-LONDON have got their hand on the UK Premier of the live action film adaptation of the wonderful Manga series “Gantz”. It will be an absolute thriller! I don’t want to give too much away really if you’ve not read the Manga, but it’s exiting, action packed, with loads of awesome high-tech weaponry. It will be great!
GANTZ – Trailer by SFLTV

What: Blubberella (yet another UK Premier!)

When: Thursday 28th April @ 6.30pm

Brilliantly titled yet essentially a comedy vampire film. Set in the 1940s, a resistance in the Eastern Front are fighting the Nazi’s as they try to take over Europe. Blubberella, half vampire, half woman comes to help the resistance. She likes nothing more then killing Nazi’s, except maybe a large dinner. Directed by the (usually disliked) Uwe Boll, this ACTUALLY sounds pretty funny.

What: You Are Here

When: Sunday 1st May @ 6.00pm

I don’t think any description I could give would give this film the justice which it quite probably deserves, but it this film is Danny Cockburn’s Debute feature film, and looks amazing. A twisting narrative of mini-stories that all interlink, in which the films characters all find themselves in odd social experiments.


There is SO many other things going on at SCI-FI-LONDON, this is just a few of things which I feel look really exciting! The full programme of events is available here:

SCI-FI-LONDON runs from 23 April – 2 May.


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