Sci Fi Valentines for the Entity You Love

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Yes it’s that time of year again where you declare your love to your soul mate and the fine folks at ebuyer have come up with some geeky Valentine’s cards that you can use for free. But wait there’s more. We take a look back at some of the best couples in SCI FI and Fantasy and take a peek at what was in their cards.

The free Valentines cards at ebuyers come in 6 choices and cross all types  including Star Wars, Doctor Who and Star Trek. See below for just a few of them and then head over HERE to see the rest.

Now lets take a look at the best Valentine messages in the whole of Geekdom courtesy of our very own Dark Phoenix.

  • Even Z’ha’dum can’t keep me away from you (Sheriden to Delenn)
  • You make my heart pound – even when I’m frozen in Carbonite (Han to Leia)
  • Rule of Acquisation 69: I will love you even if you are poor (Rom to Leeta)
  • To my darling ______ (enter name of recent conquest) you are by far the best female I have seen in this galaxy today. You, me in my cabin to boldly go where no man/humanoid has taken you before (Kirk to latest women)
  • Every time I am with you, you make me feel like the chosen one (Angel to Buffy or even Trinity to Neo)
  • I would destroy New Caprica just for you. (Six to Baltar)
  • Even your naked mother won’t keep me away from you (Riker to Troy)
  • Even the thought of your mother naked at our wedding won’t stop me taking you down the aisle (Riker to Troy)
  • I will always love you – even if you should become all-powerful and turn me to dust (Cyclops & Jean Grey)
  • I will always love you – even if you did have my clone’s baby (Criton to Aeron)
  • Not even being broken into pieces and dumped on the bottom of the ocean can keep us apart (Criton to Aeron)
  • You are the second power source to my heart (Stark to Pepper)
  • I love you almost as much as I love myself (Stark to Pepper)
  • I will always love you – even if you do keep calling me Annie (Anakin to Padme)
  • I’m just crazy about you puddin’ – actually I’m just plain crazy (Harley to Joker)
  • You always put a smile on my face – whether I want it or not (Harley to Joker)
  • Come over and rev up your Harley puddin’ (Harley to Joker)

Source: ebuyers
Reporter: Montoya, Dark Phoenix

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